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About Us

Our vision is to be the leading provider of affordable rental housing for older people in New Zealand

The Partnership

Haumaru Housing is a limited partnership between the Auckland Council and The Selwyn Foundation, providing safe and affordable housing for older people. Sixty-three residential villages across the Auckland region are being systematically refurbished to meet the health, social and community needs of older people.

More than simply providing housing, the partnership is also about securing the futures of older people and enhancing their wellbeing.

It safeguards the living environments of the council’s existing and prospective tenants. It provides the assurance of a quality service, backed up by the principles and values of a registered charity whose 65-plus year mission has been the wellbeing of older people. And it unlocks greater potential for The Selwyn Foundation to help and support a much larger proportion of New Zealand’s older population.

Haumaru Housing Limited Partnership took over operation of Auckland Council’s Housing for Older People service on 1 July 2017.

Board Governance, principles and guidelines

Haumaru Housing Limited Partnership was formed in December 2016 to undertake comprehensive tenancy and asset management services associated with the council’s stock of over 1,400 rental units for senior citizens, which are located in villages across south, north and west Auckland. 

Development management is managed under delegated authority from the Council by Panuku Development Auckland (CCO).

Haumaru Housing Limited Partnership aims to operate to the highest standards of governance – not only upholding its responsibilities to its shareholders, but also representing the interests of the tenants we care for.

As such, both the Board and its members are entrusted to ensure that the Haumaru Housing Limited Partnership is soundly managed for the benefit of all, lead by the Chief Executive Officer

Haumaru Housing Limited Partnership is governed by a board of 5 directors. As a 51% shareholder, The Selwyn Foundation has appointed three directors – Kay Hawk, Garry Smith and Stephen Titter with Auckland Council having appointed (2) Directors Matthew Harker and Kerry Hitchcock.