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Vision & Values

As a partnership created to provide affordable housing communities for older people, Haumaru Housing is committed to ensuring transparency in everything we do and to sharing our vision, values and plans for the future with all those we connect with.

Our Purpose 

We provide housing communities for older people by creating environments that support resilience and connectivity.

Our Vision

Older people with affordable homes in communities that are safe, age friendly and caring.

Our Values

  • Care for our tenants and colleagues
  • Accountability of all that we do
  • Integrity in all our actions
  • Responsiveness so our tenants are not kept waiting

Haumaru Housing Māori Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

We have worked with tenants and staff to develop a comprehensive Māori Stakeholder Engagement Strategy. This is a live document and we would welcome any feedback you may have.

Click here to view our Māori Stakeholder Engagement Strategy.

Objectives & Performance Goals