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Volunteer your time

We have some 1,400 tenants over the age of 65 years across 62 villages throughout Auckland. All out tenants live independently, but sometimes they may need some extra help.

As a volunteer there are many ways you may be able to help support our older community.

  • We are looking for companions or a listening friend
  • Someone who might like to run regular activities within a village
  • You may enjoy gardening, and would like to help a tenant keep their garden looking lovely
  • You may love to cook for others, or even do some house keeping
  • You may be interested in helping our tenants run errands, or drive them to appointments

You may have some other ideas. Visit our villages to determine which is closest to you, and then email us at info@haumaruhousing.co.nz if you would like to volunteer your time or call us on 0800 430 101. We would love to hear from you.