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Health and safety

Health and safety

We all have a responsibility to ensure that your village is a safe place to live, and a safe place for our staff and contractors to work.

We want to do everything we reasonably can to minimise the opportunity for slips, trips and falls, and anything else that might cause you and your guests to suffer harm either inside or outside your home. Fire and electricity are always hazardous. If you encounter these or any other hazards, please let us know.

The interior of your home must be kept reasonably clean and free of surplus possessions. Foodstuffs are to be appropriately stored to prevent infestations of insects or vermin. 

Other important safety measures include:

  • Ensure you know how you are going to leave your unit in the event of fire;
  • Don’t overload power points, multi-boards and double adaptors;
  • Keep heaters clear of anything that can burn such as curtains;
  • If cords or plugs are frayed, have them replaced;
  • Make sure appliance cords are in a place where you won’t trip over them;
  • Don’t use any gas appliances, particularly heaters or cookers that don’t have a flue to the exterior.

If you have any concerns, please raise these with your Community Manager on 0800 430 101.